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About Me


Dr. Hava Schaver is a clinical experiential psychologist
and a 25-year pioneer in mind-body therapy. At a time
when the connection between mind and body were not
yet accepted by the mainstream medical community,
Dr Schaver displayed the courage of her convictions by
implementing one of its earliest programs. Now she
believes that recent neuroscience research findings are
connecting some of the loose pieces of the mind-brainbody
puzzle, shedding greater light by bringing live
images of and from the brain. Her unique expertise
lies in bringing mind-body experiential therapy to
multimedia products to enhance relaxation, wellness,
personal power and peak performance in life.
Schaver holds a Ph.D. in Experiential Clinical
Psychology from Union Institute in Cincinnati.
She also holds a psychology and education
specialist degree from The Center of Humanistic
Studies in Detroit, a Master’s Degree in Social
Work and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from
Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan.
Dr. Schaver is a Diplomate of the Academy of Experts
in Traumatic Stress and has taught graduate psychology
students at the Center for Humanistic Studies. She
is currently an adjunct on doctoral committees and a
supervisor of clinical psychologists. She maintains a
private practice in metro Detroit and is co-owner of
ZeevArts, LLC, which creates multimedia products and
programs promoting stress relief and enhanced quality
of life for private consumption and for industry.



Union Institute 
Cincinnati, Ohio

Graduated May 1990, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Michigan School of Professional Psychology
Detroit, Michigan
Education and clinical Psychology
Graduated 1986, Psychology Specialist (Psy.S.)

Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan
Graduated 1980, Masters in Social Work

Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan
Graduated 1976, B.A. in Fine Arts

License, Certifications & Awards

Licensed Psychologist
Licensed Social Worker
Licensed Marriage Counselor

Certified Feldenkrais Therapist (neuro- orthopedic education for improved physical functioning).
Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
Certified Imago therapist and Workshop Presenter (relationship therapy) 
Certified EMDR Therapist (trauma reprocessing)
Sensorymotor Psychotherapist Level II Graduate





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